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Excavation Services in Aransas Pass, Corpus Christi and Rockport

When you’re beginning a new construction project, excavation is usually needed right away. What does an excavator do? They literally create the foundation for your entire construction project. Do you want to work with an inexperienced company or an amateur who doesn’t have the proper equipment? Probably not. You want a company who can remove soil, dirt or stone from the earth in a timely fashion. R & J Material & Hauling is known in Aransas Pass, Corpus Christi and Rockport for their honest approach and for always sticking to deadlines. You’ll never have to worry about us taking too long or going over budget.

Excavation: The Earth Moving Business

Excavation companies do more than just dig a hole in the ground. R & J Material & Hauling’s equipment is so versatile it can also be used in debris removal and heavy-duty demolition services. This versatility is necessary because while some projects are similar, they all require different approaches. Here is a list of some of the different projects that require professional excavators.

  1. Exterior Entrance to a Building’s Basement or Cellar – This complicated home addition requires many different skill sets ranging from foundation building to the installation of a framed door. The project starts first with excavating a hole for the groundwork to be laid.
  2. Swimming Pool Excavation – This is another complicated job that also requires in-depth knowledge of any obstructions, utilities and local building codes. But don’t worry, it is nothing R & J Material & Hauling hasn’t seen before.
  3. Snow Removal – Excavation companies can be contracted to move more than just dirt around. Sometimes during the winter, snow is what needs to be removed. Ask one of us at R & J Material & Hauling about our snow removal services.
  4. Pond Construction – Pond construction is an extremely challenging project that involves many steps. It requires an in-depth site assessment, the use of laser levels and much planning long before the excavator even breaks ground.
  5. Driveway Removal – Sometimes you have to remove your driveway, even if you don’t want to. Driveways will crack because of water that freezes and then thaws on the surface, which weakens the driveway. Small cracks will form in the weak spots which will make way for water to get underneath the pavement. When driveway damage gets to this point your foundation is on the way to being destroyed. When this happens, just give R & J Material & Hauling a call and leave the worrying to us.
  6. Home Construction – Like we’ve said, any large construction project is going to require heavy-duty excavation before it can get started. Building a residential or commercial property is no different and often needs an excavator.

Professional Trenching and Excavation

Some homeowners will make the mistake of thinking they can dig a hole themselves, but when they’re up to their necks in trouble they realize that they should have called a professional excavator operator. If you find yourself deep in the dirt, don’t hesitate to call R & J Material & Hauling. We are proud to serve the people of Aransas Pass, Corpus Christi and Rockport and have never seen a problem that we couldn’t find a solution for.